The film almanac "Ukrainian New Wave" will be presented in Kharkov

According to announcement made by the director of the company "Cinema "Bommer" Tatiana Purdich during the press conference, the presentation of the film almanac “Ukrainian New Wave” will take place in the cinema "Bommer".

She noted that six short films of the film almanac "Ukrainian new wave" will be shown in the cinema in December. The films are united by the common name "romantic". The best of the new romantic works by Ukrainian film directors are in the almanac.

"All six films, presented in the genre of short films, will start on December 12. The audience will watch an animated cartoon film, comedies, dramas and even such a complicated and unusual genre as fantastic drama," the director of the company "Cinema "Bommer" Tatiana Purdich said.

Tatiana Purdich also informed that the film almanac dedicated to extremely short films, the collection "100 films in 100 minutes", will start on December 5.

"Last year this almanac was shown in our cinema only one time, but this year our distributors agreed to provide us this almanac for a week. The message of these movies is as follows: 100 plots, 100 thoughts, 100 experiences, 100 stories for reflection. In our time the pace of life is accelerating, each moment is worth its weight in gold, and everyone may change the world and us. This is the idea of the almanac," the director of the cinema "Bommer" informed.

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