The USA will allocate $1 billion for Ukraine

On Thursday the House of Representatives of the American Congress appointed the package of assistance to Ukraine with an overwhelming majority.

According to the bill, the USA will provide Ukraine $1 billion in the form of guarantees for bond debts. According to RIA Novosti, the bill was supported by 385 deputies of the congress, 23 congressmen from the number of republican opposition voted against the bill. Now the document will go to the Senate and in the case of approval by the Senate, it should be signed by President Barak Obama. The package is designed to play a supportive role in relation to a much more extensive program of assistance that the USA are lobbying in the International Monetary Fund.

Measures to support Ukraine were announced on Tuesday, when the State Secretary John Kerry visited Kiev. The purpose of the package, in particular, is to reduce dependence of Ukraine on natural gas supplies from Russia. Earlier the speaker of the House of Representatives John Boehner called on the Administration of the USA to accelerate the start of gas exports from the USA to Europe, which, according to Boehner, would allow reducing political influence of Russia in the region.

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