Hundreds of millions of Ukrainian euros were arrested in the Netherlands

RIA Novosti with the reference to Reuters informs that the Netherlands authorities arrested accounts containing several hundred millions euros, allegedly, belonging to citizens of the Ukraine, towards whom sanctions of the EU were imposed.

The Minister of Finance of the Netherlands Jeroen Dijsselbloem informed the local mass media that the arrested assets were suspicious, but did not clarify, whom they belonged to.

On Wednesday evening the head of the Ministry of Finance of the Netherlands stated in parliament that a number of "unusual financial transactions" were registered in the country during the last few weeks.  In his opinion, this activity was linked to the attempts of some of Ukrainian businessmen to withdraw funds invested in financial institutions of the Netherlands.

Previously authorities of the EU, as well as of Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Canada announced about freezing of assets of 18 citizens of Ukraine, who were suspected in corruption and misappropriation of the state funds. The list of persons subjected to sanctions includes, in particular, President Viktor Yanukovych who fled the country and the former Prime Minister of Ukraine Nikolay Azarov.

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