The U.S. locates 12 F-16s closer to Ukraine

Next week 12 American F-16s will arrive in Poland. The official reason for the relocation of aircraft part in the exercises. It was reported by the Polish newspaper Rzeczpospolita.


Also the 32nd base tactical aviation, where the American F-16s will be located, invited 300 servicemen of the US army.


The Pentagon has named participation in the exercises the official reason of a transfer of the aircraft. Unofficially, as the newspaper tells, the U.S. has given Russia a clear signal and intended to strengthen the protection of the Polish airspace concerning the arrival of Russian troops in the Crimea.


The aircraft will arrive at the base of the air forces Liask in Central Poland from the U.S. airbase in Aviano (Italy). In addition, the Pentagon announced of additional F-15s shift in Lithuania.

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