“Crimean Tatars will not live in Russia” - Jemilev

Crimean Tatars will not live in Russia, said People's Deputy, former leader of the ethnic Crimean parliament Mustafa Jemilev.

“Now we do not need discussion, we need real action. Crimean Tatars will never live as a part of Russia; we will fight for our rights by all means possible,” said Jemilev in an interview to Azerbaijan media outlet haqqin.az, reports “Left Bank”.

Jemilev also said that the Majlis prepares for mass protests since the Crimean Tatars, according to him, want to remain living in Ukraine.

Jemilev noted that the Crimean Tatars ask the presidents of Turkey, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan to prevent Crimea separation from Ukraine.

“Our nation was once expelled from the native lands; we do not want a repetition of this tragedy. Therefore, we appeal for help to Ilham Aliyev, Abdullah Gul and Nursultan Nazarbaev. Do not leave your Crimean brothers and sisters in this difficult time. We require help from all over the world. In Russia, we again will be subjected to expulsion and repressions,” he said.

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