Yatsenyk and the President of the European Parliament reflected on the ways of overcoming the crisis in Ukraine

According to the Department of Information and Communication with the Public of the Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, on March 6 the Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyk met with the President of the European parliament Martin Schultz in Brussels. Ways of overcoming the crisis in Ukraine were discussed at the meeting.

Yatsenyk did not disclose specific suggestions discussed during the meeting, he only noted that the crisis affected not only Ukraine, but also Russia and the whole Europe. Ways out need to be find together.

"We need to urgently (I stress it) find a solution," Yatsenyk said and added that Ukraine is ready to find a solution at the negotiation table, together with the US, the EU, and Russia. "We address Russia and want to know the answer whether it is ready to maintain peace and stability in Europe, whether it will further provoke and create tension in our bilateral and multilateral relations?"

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