The rally in support of a federal organization of Ukraine was held in Lugansk

The rally under the slogan "Not a step back!", during which the residents of the region required to hold the referendum about a federative organization of Ukraine, was held in Lugansk.

About 5 thousand people (representatives of public organizations, political parties, and residents of the region) gathered on the square near the monument to Taras Shevchenko.

"Maidan, in fact, is the oligarchic upheaval in Ukraine. After which, allegedly, on the tide of people's protests oligarchs came to power, which may be witnessed by appointments of governors in a number of regions. Therefore we will strive for transfer of power to workers. Our war has only begun," the deputy of the Regional Council Yuriy Khokhlov stated.

Activists of the rally were holding flags of Russia and flags of St. George, as well as banners with slogans "No to Fascism and extremism!" "Donbass is with Russia!" "Federalization!" "No to Fascism! No to vandalism! No to nationalism! No to the EU!" People chanted: "Russia! Russia!" "The referendum!"

As was earlier reported, yesterday evening the rally under the slogan Not a step back! was held near the City Council of Dnepropetrovsk. More than 100 people gathered. Participants read out and handed over to deputies their resolution, based on suggestions of citizens. Including, they demanded to ensure lawfulness in all spheres of the life of the city and preservation of cultural and historical values. In addition to this, participants of the rally required to investigate each act of vandalism towards monuments.

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