Residents of the Crimea came out for a rally against mass media that report the situation in the autonomy untruthfully

Yesterday evening the rally against mass media that describe events happening in the Crimea untruthfully was held in Simferopol.

According to activists, many central TV channels of Ukraine report the Crimean events biased, one-sided and untruthfully. Their reportages present Russia as an aggressor, and the desire of the residents of the Crimea to decide the status of the autonomy themselves is presented as separatism and violation of the law.

Activists came to the main square of the city with Russian flags, chanting, including, "Russia is the peacekeeper!" "Sevastopol - the Crimea - Russia!" "Fascism won't do!"

Residents of the Crimea called on mass media to be objective preparing news materials about developments happening currently on the peninsula.

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