Ukrainian filmmakers wrote an open antiwar letter to their colleagues from Russia

25 cinematographers of Ukraine headed by Sergey Trimbach, the president of the National Union of Filmmakers of Ukraine, wrote an open letter to filmmakers of Russia, which contained a call not to allow armed conflict between brotherly countries.

The letter was published on the web site

"Dear friends and colleagues! We were together for many years, entire decades, doing the common work, creating movies in the context of a single cultural and motion picture space,"  these lines open the appeal.

Cinematographers express their reflections on the Ukrainian crisis in the following lines: "The regime, persons involved in which were engaged mainly in plundering the national wealth, destruction of the judicial system and morality, ignoring rights of an individual, was established in Ukraine in recent years. It all ended with the rebellion of the people, with the rebellion that lead to collapse and escape of Viktor Yanukovych from the country... It is bitter to realize that all of us are hostages of ambitions of politicians, pursuing their own purposes, which are very distant from interests of people."

Ending their appeal, filmmakers call not to yield to provocations, which are artificially created to spread discord between the great peoples.

"Are we powerless to resist the war, is our brotherhood subjected to destruction? We call on you to say "no" to plans to separate our peoples, to spread discord that could make a disastrous effect on our great and glorious art. We believe in the wisdom, in the force of truth and memory, which connects us with strong ties. With the confidence in a better future for our peoples."

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