Bill for Ukraine to join NATO is registered in Ukrainian parliament

Bill for Ukraine’s course to join NATO has been registered in Ukrainian parliament. The authors of the document are Alexander Chornovolenko, Valentin Korolyuk and Boris Tarasyuk, People's Deputies of Batkivschyna party.

The draft law proposes to amend Article 6 of the Law “Foundations for National Security”, which refers to the national priorities of Ukraine, with a line on integration “to the Euro-Atlantic zone”. The bill also proposes to amend Article 8, which lists the main policies of the national security, with words “and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation” right after the words “membership in the European Union”.

Also, the bill provides for amendments to the law “On the principles of domestic and foreign policy”, such as removing from the Article 11 the words that Ukraine is a non-aligned state. In the same article (in the part that lists the principles of foreign policy), the bill authors propose to add a paragraph on “Ukraine's membership in the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and participation in the creation of a European system of collective security”.

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