Alexander Liev reported on the work of Crimea’s Ministry of Resorts and Tourism

Alexander Liev, Acting Minister of Crimea resorts, reported on his activities, and on work of his Ministry during his cadence as the Minister at the press conference held at the press centre of the Ministry.

Alexander Liev named the main achievements of his team’s work, such as expanded holiday season, development of alternative tourism (event-based and active tourism), and development of the Crimea as a year-round resort region.

He noted that the number of tourists who started coming to the Autonomy for recreation has increased; the Ministry opened 12 tourist offices around the world, created a platform for personnel training and a training center. Alexander Liev emphasized that this all was done without a penny from the Ministry’s coffers, with a dream for EuropeAid, which has remained a dream so far.

In addition, he noted that his team implemented certification and legalization of facilities throughout Crimea.

Acting Minister of RESORTS and tourism of Crimea gave expert assessment for holiday season prospects. Anticipating at least 30% dive of earnings, he still named the methods that could help to avoid negative developments.

“Let's show the security,” suggests Liev. “We must remove political tensions and start telling the truth. After all, it’s easy to install surveillance cameras near the tourist sites recommended by the ministry for staying and stream on the Internet, on TV channels in Russia, Ukraine,” said the expert.

Other proposals include:

- holding the exhibition “Crimea. Resorts. Tourism Reloaded” on April 25-30, representing new prices for services;

- holding info-tours for journalists and trade union organisations from different regions;

- would be a good idea to hold Crimea days in different regions;

- continuing with classification of accommodation facilities;

- using the political situation around Crimea for its own development.

Alexander Liev was Minister of Resorts and Tourism of Crimea from November 2011 to the present. Answering the journalists' questions if he leaves at his own request, he replied, “I had an offer. But I do not meet the criteria that are set. This is the decision of the Supreme Council of Crimea.”

Alexander Liev has no rigid plans for the future; the nearest future he plans to spend with his family. Yet, there is already a proposal for a new position.

Alexander Liev wished his future successor and his team every success, as well as to overcome the symptoms of atavism obvious in the Ministry of Resorts and Tourism and to receive broader powers, in addition to responsibility.

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