“No stepping back” rally in Kharkov continues (updated, PHOTO)

The central square of Kharkov - Freedom Square - cordoned off from the morning by law enforcers; the police has been placed in the backyard of the Kharkov Regional State Administration. Near the Administration entrance, there are law enforcement officers on duty, in helmets and shields.

Near the Lenin monument, members of the “No stepping back” are gathering. They stand in groups, occasionally shouting “Kharkov” and “Referendum”.

By 17:00, about 500 protesters crossed the square and gathered in front of the Kharkov Regional State Administration. They hold up signs reading “Referendum”, “We do not want the EU”, “Russia, help me” and chant “Referendum”, “Russia”, “Federation”, “Impostors”. At the exit of the “University” subway station there is a table where the people can join the lists of those wishing to enter the “Kharkov resistance”.

Around 18.00, the protesters entered the Administration for talks with the region’s management.

About 18.30, about 2,000 protesters surrounded the building; clashes broke out between police and the activists. About a thousand activists from St. George ribbons and flags of Ukraine and Russia gathered at the Lenin monument. At the same time, the delegation of protesters entered the Administration building, where the new governor Igor Baluta gives his briefing, to hand him the written request from the rally.

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