Over 100 works presented at Kharkov’s “Freedom Square” exhibition

Yesterday, March 4, the “YermilovTsentr” Centre for Contemporary Art welcomed first in Kharkov online exhibition “Freedom Square”, dedicated to human freedom and the freedom of creativity.

Within the exhibition, there is a campaign “Create your poster on the topic of ‘Freedom Square’”. Currently there are 133 works in the “YermilovTsentre”, after March 13 they will be replaced by others. Project supervisor Oksana Koklonskaya noted that the exhibition is joined by 35 artists from Kiev, Lvov, Odessa and Kharkov. According to her, the number of participants grows, so the exhibition has been extended.

“Initially, this project wasn’t political: it was launched in early November last year. Then it was joined by many artists from different cities who have decided to express their vision of freedom through art,” explains Oksana Koklonskaya.

During the campaign, anyone can create their own design posters. To do this, you can get a printed A2 pattern of the poster in “YermilovTsentre” itself or ask the exhibition centre for electronic version of the poster by writing to yermilovcentre@gmail.com. The design posters should be sent to the gallery by March 9, ready posters - by March 10. The exhibition runs until March 27.

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