Yatsenyk assures that Ukraine has not stopped financing the Crimea

According to the Department of Information and Communication with the Public of the Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Prime Minster Arseniy Yatsenyk stated on March 5 that the government of Ukraine transferred 60 million UAH to the Crimea during the last two days to cover social and other expenditures.

According to him, the government provides supply of energy resources to the territory of the Crimea, in spite of large debts of the autonomy.

Yatsenyk instructed the minister of finance Alexandr Shlapak to correct incomes of the Crimea, as, in his opinion, the holiday season will not succeed on the peninsula. "If there is no holiday season, there will be no additional income of the budget," he said. "We will have to help and increase subsidies in order to keep social situation in the Crimea."

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