US will help Ukraine recover the stolen funds

The US are already cooperating with the current government of Ukraine to help in finding and returning the money stolen from the country, said US Secretary of State John Kerry.

The United States also will help Ukraine to “deal with politically motivated trade practices of Russia - we are talking about the manipulation of energy supplies, the ban of the finest Ukrainian chocolate,” quotes Kerry Radio Liberty.

The US will also help Ukrainian government in fighting the corruption.

“The US, together with International Monetary Fund and international partners, are also working on the aid package,” said Kerry.

According to the diplomat, this package is intended to assist Ukraine in restoring short-term financial stability and achieving long-term economic growth.

“This package provides loan guarantees for Ukraine in the amount of one billion dollars, which are already open,” he said.

“Now the US Treasury in collaboration with other partners are preparing a broader and larger aid plan,” said John Kerry.

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