Yatsenyk swears that money of the IMF, EU and US will help to stabilize economy of Ukraine

According to the Department of Information and Communication with the Public of the Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Prime Minster Arseniy Yatsenyk stated on March 5 that economic and financial assistance that Ukraine will receive from the US, the EU and the IMF will help to stabilize economic situation in the country.

Yatsenyk informed that on March 4 the US State Secretary announced about the first package of economic assistance, which the Ukrainian state will get.

"I hope that our European partners will also announce about the economic package of financial assistance for Ukraine in the shortest possible time," Yatsenyk said. "The situation with state finances is very complex. Those opportunities that we will receive at the expense of the packages of economic and financial assistance from the US, the EU and the IMF, will give us an opportunity to stabilize economic situation."

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