Crimea appointments: Prosecutor, head taxman and head of media

Presidium of the Supreme Council of ARC appointed some more new faces to the official posts. New heads appointed to Prosecutor’s Office and Revenue Service, while Republic’s Information Committee will have to wait for a new head until the next session, reports the press-centre of the Autonomy’s parliament.

Given the extraordinary situation in Ukraine, working in emergency conditions, due to the refusal of Kondrashov, head of Crimea’s Revenue Ministry, to perform his duties, the Presidium appointed in his place Nicholai Kochanov as the acting head of the Ministry.

The same prefix was given Alexander Shtehbart, the new head of the Prosecutor's Office of the ARC appointed instead of Vyacheslav Pavlov who resigned.

The Presidium supported the nomination of Galina Drozdovaya as a chair of the Republic’s Information Committee, recommending the Prime Minister Sergei Aksenov to submit appropriate bill to the Supreme Council of the Crimea.

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