Crimea order is supported by 11,000 volunteers - ARC Prime Minister

Security and public order in the autonomy is supported by the military of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet along with 11,000 of people's militia wielding batons and firearms, reported today the head of the Council of Ministers of Crimea Sergey Aksenov at a press conference in Simferopol.

“Now the total number of self-defence forces of the republic has grown to 11,000 people. For protection, they use tools they have at hand - shields, sticks, batons, that is, what was used on the Maidan. There are registered weapons. In an emergency, people will be ready to defend the autonomy, but not against internal enemies - there are none here. I'm sure we will not reach the point of conflicting with military units.

We will be able to defend ourselves against external aggression, but I do not believe in it as we have no-one to fight against. One thing is when they (the former Ukrainian opposition that is now in power - Nahnews) fought against the corrupt government at the Maidan, stopping “Berkut” riot police from restoring law and order. Another thing, if they try to invade the republic where patriotic citizens will trample them at the entrance to the Crimea,” said the head of the ARC government.

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