Putin has no idea who may be a “compromise” President of Ukraine

Vladimir Putin has no idea who could be the new President of Ukraine after the elections scheduled by Ukrainian parliament for May 25. If the elections held under the “terror” conditions observed by Russia now, the new head of the state will not be recognised by Moscow, said Russian President at the press conference on March 4 in the suburban residence of Novo-Ogarevo.

“I cannot even imagine (the compromise President of Ukraine - NAH news). After such events, it is very difficult to predict anything. I do not accept this method of coming to power (by the opposition in Kiev - NAH news) and removal of the current president - I strongly disagree with the approach, be it Ukraine or any other former Soviet Union state, as this is bad for legal culture. In these circumstances, anyone can leap out.

You remember how Röhm squads (supporters of Germany’s NSDAP party - NAH News) operated at a time when Hitler was eager for power. Then these groups were “zeroed” and eliminated, but they played the role in Hitler's accession to power. Therefore, in the Ukraine there may be the most unexpected options. In the environment where people are rightly demanding radical changes in politics and the emergence of new, fresh people in the higher echelons of power, there is also a danger: the jack-in-the-box might jump out - some nationalist, half-Nazi element. As we see, still people walking around in Kiev with bandages (with symbols - NAH news) resembling a swastika. Some anti-Semites. This danger exists,” said Vladimir Putin.

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