Omelchenko: Idea of split of Ukraine is artificial

At the meeting in the European Parliament the President of the Gorshenin Institute Vadym Omelchenko said that the idea of splitting the country was included into the Ukrainian society artificially.


«The first 15 years of the Ukrainian independence, there were none of such ideas on the territory of Ukraine. The split was made artificially, and it is known by all. Hypertrophic actualization of an issue of division today interests certain groups. Under the influence of massive blackship PR inductive psychosis occurs. In this state there can be no logic, analysis, discussions. Under the influence of such emotions and PR structures, one cannot make strategic decisions. One needs serious information policy to stop psychosis, to unclench the «spasm» of mutual phobias,» Omelchenko's answering the question of the European Parliament on the possible federalization of Ukraine.


The President of the IG noted that at present moment it is necessary to restore the economy. At that the issue of elimination of corruption as the main factor impeding the economic development of the country should be put.


«When the economy starts working, and the issue of federalization will disappear itself,» Vadym Omelchenko said.

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