Rada considers upon Crimea’s autonomy extension

Amendments to the Constitution of the AR of Crimea will be developed by working group, presented by the MPs of the Parliaments of Ukraine and Crimea.


«A preliminary decision on organizing an inter-parliamentary working group to work out the issues of amending the Constitution of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea in the expansion of its mandate was made», Nestor Shufrych, MP from the Party of regions, said.


The necessity to strengthen the status of Crimean autonomy is perceived by many politicians in different ways.


According to Michael Babich, a traveler, a businessman, a founder of RocketStart, separatism in Crimea is not ment to be. Babich leads the top 10 reasons to prove it, foremost of which is the financing of Crimea at the expense of Ukrainian funds. In addition, fresh water, gas, electricity, food in Crimea come from Ukraine.


«Well there's nothing concerning separatism. We just want the right of legislative initiative to the Supreme Council of Crimea and increasing the economic powers of autonomy. Such opportunities are many autonomous communities in other countries have. These times we have only the emblem, flag and anthem, nothing more. Only loud, but still empty status - autonomy!», member of the Supreme Council of the Crimea Rustam Temirgaliev writes on his page in the network Facebook.

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