Putin: Russia doesn’t need to honour the Budapest Memorandum

Russian President Vladimir Putin believes that Russia doesn’t need to follow the Budapest Memorandum as it was signed with a different Ukraine, he said at the press conference on March 4 in the suburban residence of Novo-Ogarevo.

Russian President noted that Ukraine experienced unconstitutional coup and armed seizure of power. This resulted in creation of a new state.

“When we point out that it is unconstitutional coup, we are told: no, it's not the armed seizure of power, it is a revolution. If it is a revolution, then it is difficult for me to disagree with some of our experts, who believe that a new state is emerging on that territory. Revolutions create new states, as it was in 1917,” said Putin, adding that in this case prior commitments do not matter. Including the obligations of the Budapest Memorandum, signed by Russia and guaranteeing Ukraine's sovereignty and safety.

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