Kharkov tent city of Lenin statue defenders dismantled (updated, PHOTO)

Kharkov municipal services dismantled the tents of Lenin statue defenders. The defenders weren’t against the dismantling.

They say that the main task has been completed - the question of monument demolition has disappeared from the agenda; though they are ready to come back if there are more attacks.

In the afternoon, Kharkov Mayor Gennady Kernes met with the monument defenders.

“I evaluated all the circumstances. Days of anxiety and worry have passed. The monument will stand in his place. I, as mayor, will not allow its destruction or removal. A tent camps - leave them for picnics. I do not want any Maidan in the city. I want for people to quietly live, love, make friends,” he said.

“I explained to people that the conflict must be completed and we should remove all sites of the conflicts. We must now clear the territory near the Lenin monument to its proper condition. I believe that the Kharkov residents clearly showed that at any moment they are ready to defend historical values,” added the Mayor.

He also said that he won’t interfere with peaceful rallies and meetings, and called on activists and opponents of EuroMaidan to refrain from any radical appeals.

As previously reported, EuroMaidan rally demanding to demolish or dismantle the Lenin monument took place in the evening on February 22, after the congress of deputies of all levels, initiated by the “Ukrainian front”. On the morning of February 23, two perpetual pickets were set up on the Freedom Square - one by supporters of EuroMaidan, just outside and indoors of Kharkov Regional State Administration, and another, by Lenin defence and the pro-Russian forces near the Lenin monument.

Before March 1, every day in the evening the two sides held rallies that the power did not end in clashes, despite the tense situation.

On March 1, members of large Anti-Maidan meeting at the Svoboda Square stormed the Kharkov Regional State Administration and drove out the EuroMaidan activists. More than 100 people suffered as a result of the assault.

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