Putin: Medvedev and Naryshkin contact Turchinov and Yatsenyk

Today the President of Russia Vladimir Putin during the press-conference in the residence Novo-Ogarevo near Moscow told that the head of the Russian government and the speaker of the State Duma communicated with their Ukrainian colleagues by the order of the President of the Russian Federation.

"Three days ago, I instructed the government to resume contacts on the governmental level with their counterparts in correspondent ministries and departments of Ukraine, in order to not break economic links, and to support them in their intention to renew economy.

Moreover, Dmitriy Medvedev contacts Yatsenyk and Sergey Naryshkin contacts Turchinov. But all of our trade and economic ties may be fully developed only after the situation will normalize and after presidential elections (of Ukraine, - Kharkov news agency) will be held," Vladimir Putin noted.

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