Putin: "I told Yanukovych that he would not be reelected"

Today the President of Russia Vladimir Putin during the press-conference in the residence Novo-Ogarevo near Moscow told that the Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych has no political future, and he was accepted in Russia only because of "humanitarian reasons."

"I told him (Viktor Yanukovych, - News agency Kharkov) that he had no chances to be reelected. And all of my colleagues, with whom I talked over the phone, recently, agree with it. He has given away his power.

It is difficult for me to talk about his future. I think that he has no political future, and I told him about it. We participated in his fate solely for humanitarian reasons. I think he would simply be murdered. But for what reason? Pay attention to the fact that the entire bustle that became the trigger started from him: formally, Yanukovych did not sign the association agreement. Today, it looks like nonsense, which is not worth even discussing.

But he did not refuse to sign the association agreement, he said: "We analyzed it thoroughly and came to the conclusion that its content is not consistent with our national interests. How can we dramatically increase energy resource prices for the population? Our population is in a difficult situation without it. We cannot break our economic ties with Russia, because there is a very tight cooperation," Vladimir Putin stressed.

He believes that Viktor Yanukovych acted within the framework of his powers and did not violate anything.

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