Sergey Tigipko: authorities have problems in communication with south-east of the country

The people's deputy, one of the leaders of Party of Regions Sergey Tigipko stated on his web page in Facebook that current authorities of Ukraine will not be able to find a common language with south-eastern regions of the country.

"To tell the truth the current authorities have problems in communication with south-east of the country. Inhabitants of these regions do not trust this authorities  and recognize its legitimacy so unanimously as residents of western and central parts of the country, and authorities, in its turn, the head of which is turned by high posts, do not pay attention to their real needs. Authorities as if do not realize that today Ukraine is similar to powder keg and puts a match to it in the form of provocative decisions to abolish the law about language, do not suppress demolition of monuments and disputes about history. Any action always cases reaction. Today we got it in the south-east," Sergey Tigipko said.

At the same time, the deputy notes that, at the moment it is of primary importance not to look for the responsible people in the current difficult situation, but to look for points of contact and to find compromise solutions.

"But it is not the time to look for guilty people. Now the most important is to find a compromise between values of western and eastern Ukraine, not to stir up our internal contradictions, but to focus on common interests and aspirations, to be tolerant to all citizens of the Ukraine and to respect identity of national minorities. It will make us more resistant to external challenges," Sergey Tigipko summarized.

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