Russia thinks Yanukovych won’t be the President of Ukraine

The people of Ukraine should decide Yanukovych’s fate, said Russian Ambassador to the UN Vitali Churkin.

“Do we not understand that Yanukovych will not return to power, that he won’t rue the Ukraine from his residence?” said Churkin.

According to Churkin, “his fate must be decided by the people of Ukraine”.

He rebuked the new Ukrainian authorities for not following the agreement on recovery from the crisis, earlier signed by Yanukovych, the opposition and Western mediators.

“The issue is that the agreement cemented democratic parameters of getting out of the crisis,” said Churkin.

He expressed dissatisfaction with a return to 2004 Constitution that happened “out of the blue”, bypassing the constitutional provisions.

As a result, Russian President Vladimir Putin received from Viktor Yanukovych a written request to use the Russian armed forces to protect the population of Ukraine. Vitali Churkin, Russia’s envoy to the UN, stated this during a meeting of the UN Security Council.

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