China: domestic dissent in Ukraine must be resolved peacefully

This was stated by Permanent Representative of China to the UN Liu Jieyi during a meeting of the Security Council on March 3. He pointed out that all sides in Ukraine need to peacefully resolve the internal issues.

“All sides must peacefully resolve internal problems and consistently respect legal rights and interests of all peoples of Ukraine,” quotes the diplomat the ITAR-TASS Russian news agency.

“China consistently stands for the principal of non-interference in the internal affairs of another country and of respect for Ukraine’s independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity. There are reasons for what is happening there,” said Liu Jieyi.

Thus, China has refrained from overt criticism of Russia during the discussion of the situation in Ukraine. The rest of the permanent members of the Security Council - Britain, France and the USA, as well as a number of other countries - defend the new authorities in Kiev, recognising them as the only legitimate.

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