Ukraine's permanent UN envoy talks on the results of the Nuremberg trials

Ukraine’s permanent UN envoy Yuri Sergeyev publicly justified Ukrainian nationalists, saying that allegations presented by the USSR against them at the Nuremberg trial were rigged.

“The Russia - the Soviet side, at the time, was trying to put pressure on Western allies so that they recognize Banderovtsy and others as killers. Why Nuremberg trial did not agree? Because the facts were rigged, because the position of the Soviet Union at that time was unfair,” said the diplomat to reporters, ITAR-TASS informs.

Sergeyev urged not to generalize the picture of modern Ukraine by thinking that all the residents of the western part of the country are Nazis and Bandera followers. “Millions of Ukrainians in the Western regions are the normal European citizens,” he said. The diplomat said the same thing about the “Svoboda” party, which is thought of as far-right.


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