The Pentagon: the USA blocked military relations with Russia because of the events in Ukraine

According to the statement of the Pentagon, spread on March 3, Washington temporarily refused from joint manoeuvres and bilateral meetings with Moscow.

ITAR-TASS cites the statement: "Though the Ministry of Defense of the USA considers military connections with the Russian Federation valuable, which we developed during the last years in order to increase transparency, improve mutual understanding and reduce the risk of military miscalculation, we made a decision in the light of the latest developments in the Ukraine to suspend all military contacts between the USA and Russia.  It includes holding (joint) manoeuvers, bilateral meetings, exchange of naval delegations and planning conferences."

The Pentagon stressed that they continue to follow up the situation in Ukraine closely and to maintain contacts with allies and partners in NATO. "We call upon Russia to the de-escalation of the crisis in Ukraine and call to return Russian troops in the Crimea to their bases in accordance with agreements about dislocation (on the territory of the republic) of the Black Sea Fleet of Russia," the document stated.

The Pentagon refuted information of a number of mass media about the fact that in connection with events in Ukraine the USA decided to send its warships to the region. According to the statement, the status of armed forces of the USA in Europe and in the Mediterranean Sea did not change.

"Sub-units of our Navy continue to hold routine, previously scheduled operations and exercises with our allies and partners in the region," the Pentagon stressed.

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