Information about events in Crimea is biased - Journalists Association

It is too early to put an “unbiased” label to the work of Ukrainian, Russian and foreign media on covering the Crimea events or to judge the correspondents. Media information feed is large; the information is different, often contradictory and incorrect. This is the opinion of Lyudmila Horoshilova, head of the Crimean Republican branch of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine.

“Regretfully, journalists do not try to observe professional rules. Although the Crimean journalists understand their responsibilities, the complexity of the moment, the mood of the residents of the peninsula and refrain from incitement and scaremongering.

Unfortunately, Ukrainian journalism suffers biased view and partisanship betraying main requirements of the profession - independence and neutrality. We go to the barricades. In that case we have to change professions and become warriors, human rights activists, whatever. There is a need to be honest, objective, to maintain a balance of opinions. And look slightly forward to how our words would resound in the society,” says Lyudmila Horoshilova.

According to her, online social networks play a big role in coverage of the Crimean situation.

“There are useful things there, too, in particular the exchange of views between those who retained human face.

But mostly it is sowing panic and increasing the degree of confrontation. There may be swear words and insults, and a fit of hysterics. This is no good for understanding and dialogue. People are thrown face to face, warns the head of the Journalism Association.

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