I do not understand why administrative buildings were captured - Chernov

Chairman of the Kharkov Regional Council Sergey Chernov while talking to the media disagreed with the methods and means of struggle that led to the destruction of the Council House.

“I think this could have been avoided if those who led the people to administrative buildings, breaking the existing legislation, had had some sanity. I said this and I can repeat once again: I do not see the point of do not understand what purpose served the capture of administrative buildings. Many justify these actions. For me, they are not clear,” said Sergey Chernov.

“Peaceful rally? Sure. Saying your point of view? No problem. But to live a week on the floor of the building that should ensure the operation of the Kharkov region... To put helmets on the mostly young people, give them weapons, shields, masks... What did we want to get from this situation? Those who provoked it must bear the responsibility. If we live in a law-bound state, if we respect the Constitution and laws of Ukraine,” said the head of the highest executive authority in the region.

Sergey Chernov also expressed his regrets about minors being present among the victims: “It is unfortunate that our children were involved in these provocations. Among the victims there are six minors, two of them aged 14-15. The question: where are their parents; why these children did not go to school; why parents allowed their children to sleep on the cold floor in February, in unsanitary conditions? What future did those who brought them here were promising? And can such victims and ordeals justify achieving something in society, sowing the good and prudence?”

Speaking about the methods that should be used in resolving conflicts, Sergey Chernov noted: “State problems can be solved only by people who have the authority, the political elites, at the negotiating table. I am sure if reasonable people sit down at the negotiating table, they always reach a compromise, find the right solution. If, of course, they want to find it. Now I am talking about the Kharkov region: here, common sense always prevailed. Kharkov is able to solve all the issues on its own. For this there is the political will and the necessary number of people who are responsible for the welfare for our region.”

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