Majlis is unlikely to make concessions to the Council of Ministers - Milli Firka

Majlis of Crimean Tatars might refuse in negotiations with the Autonomy government. And, most likely, will refuse the proposed conditions, supporting the Kiev authorities. The leader of the public organisation “Milli Firka” Enver Cantemir Umerov, stated this answering the question of NAH News correspondent.

“Majlis would have wanted to address these issues (funding of the program for housing of the deported and the entry of Majlis representatives to the Council of Ministers of the ARC - NAH) in a different manner. And actually did try it.

Majlis represents other political forces, forces that were helping “Maidan” and today formed a Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. If processes in Crimea went by Kiev scenario, and even by confrontation, Majlis would get an opportunity to shape the composition of the Council of Ministers of Crimea,” said Enver Cantemir Umerov.

He believes that now Majlis cannot accept the offer of the Council of Ministers as the organisation will have to answer to the party and political allies. And to those who are in charge of Majlis - the Western organisations, rages on Umerov.

“There are negotiations. Representatives of the Crimean government contact with influential groups in Majlis. These are the groups of Refat Chubarov, the current chairman, and Remzi Ilyasov, former member of Majlis. The second is the most pragmatic and sides to cooperation with the Council of Ministers. But we should not forget about Mustafa Jemilev, People's Deputy and former head of Majlis, who is above the fray and can directly affect Majlis operation and position. It is therefore likely that Majlis will refuse to cooperate with the government of Crimea. If Ilyasov group doesn’t cut in - the group propagates less politics and more business interests,” said chairman of the “Milli Firka”.

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