About UAH 2.5 mln. needed to restore Kharkiv Regional State Administration (PHOTO)

State Budget will fork out about UAH 2.5 million on the restoration of the Kharkov Regional State Administration, said former vice-governor Vasily Homa who continues to perform the duties until Igor Baluta, new governor, takes his position. According to him, the amount is preliminary as damage assessment continues. Currently the offices in the Kharkov Regional State Administration are being cleaned.

“Of course, it’s bad; the money could be used for other purposes. But we need to ensure the operability of the building, so the money will have to be allocated anyway. Now everything is working, more space as nobody gets in the way. Now is better than last week, when the situation was tense and nervous. Now the building is being repaired, and all employees are at their work places,” noted Homa.

Activists and representatives of Kharkov EuroMaidan and radical groups seized the building and were inside for about a week. On March 1, there was a rally at Liberty Square; after the rally, the EuroMaidan opponents stormed the building and freed it. 138 people were injured as a result of clashes.

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