Plushenko spine surgery is a success

Yet other spine operation was successful. The two-time Olympic champion was operated in Israel.

Russian figure skater Yevgeny Plushenko received an injury during the Sochi Olympics, where he won a gold medal in the team competition. But the injury prohibited his participation in individual competitions. For the treatment, the athlete went to Israel. Head of the clinic Igor Piatigorsky said that tomorrow Plushenko will able to stand up. The operation lasted three and a half hours; the athlete feels fine.

The skater has already visited this Israeli clinic a year ago, when he hurt his back on the European champion in Zagreb. The injury did not prevent Plushenko from living a normal life, but put an end to his sports career. To come to Sochi, Yevgeny suffered a complex operation, which could have ended in stroke but was successful. Now the king of ice has artificial disc between the vertebrae and four screws that should strengthen the spine.

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