Ukrainians are the best in archery

Ukrainians are the best in archery

At the world championship in archery our team sensationally took the first place in the team medal rating.

Ukrainian athletes won 3 gold, 3 silver and 1 bronze medals in France that allowed getting ahead of teams of Italy and the USA in the overall rating. The women's team (Anastasiya Pavlova, Lidia Sichenikova, Veronika Marchenko) and men's team (Viktor Ruban, Markiyan Ivashko, Georgiy Ivanitskiy) raised to the first step of the podium in Nimes. The junior Maria Shkolnaya also became the world champion. Her peers won two silver medals. The leader of the national team of Ukraine, the Olympic champion in Beijing Viktor Ruban took the second place. Anastasiya Pavlova won bronze in individual competitions among women.

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