Azovmash remained without legionaries

5 basketball players left the Mariupol team.

The club terminated contracts with American athletes ahead of time: Terrell Stoglin, Marshawn Powell, Daniel Kickert, Coleman Collins and Marcus Ginyard. They have already left Mariupol. The mass abandoning of the team is connected with the unstable situation in Ukraine and financial problems of the club. "I would like to say "thank you" to all our fans and supporters, who supported us this year," the web site of Azovmash cites Coleman Collins. "I am very sorry, that everything ended up in such a way. I think we had all chances to win Ukrainian championship. But the developments that are more important than basketball happened. I hope that everything will change for the better not only in Mariupol, but in the whole country as well."

Ukrainian basketball players of Azovmash continue to train with the team. The managers of the team do not leave Ukraine as well: Montenegrin Zvedan Mitrovic and Serbian Mirko Ocokoljic.

After 14 rounds Azovmash occupies the pre last place in the group in the single league of VTB. In the Ukrainian super league the team from Mariupol occupies the 4thplace.

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