"Safety jackets" were sent to the Crimean journalists

Today the Crimean republican organization Union of Journalists of Ukraine began distributing special identification jackets in Simferopol for correspondents of the mass media of the autonomy.

According to the head of the Crimean Republican Organization of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine Lyudmila Khoroshilova, 85 jackets of orange color with the inscription "press" were delivered from Kiev. They were manufactured with the help of the International Federation of Journalists in the framework of the program Creation of Culture of Security and Rights and Independent Standards for Journalists in the Former USSR.

"A jacket is the identification symbol of our colleagues, who perform their professional duties. Jackets are issued free of charge for all those who wish to receive them in the editorial office of the Autonomous Republic of the Crimea and Sevastopol.

First and foremost, we distribute jackets among the correspondents, who perform operations covering of the events in the Crimea. I would like to believe that our colleagues will not need the jackets in their work!" Lyudmila Khoroshilova told.

She explained that usually in other countries the mass media is supposed to have their own company clothing. The journalist becomes recognizable and famous. He/she does not need extra words and documents, to go to the places, where he/she has a right to enter.

"Our assistance is linked to the situation in the Crimea. Now the wave of the events in Kiev (mass protests) reached us and we want to ensure security for our journalists. But whether they will be respected depends on them! I would like that our journalists would be met with respect and thanked for honesty. For now, unfortunately, journalism did not pass honesty tests, which is recognized by residents of the Crimea and not only. We may see, what a destructive role the politically committed journalism played in our state," Lyudmila Khoroshilova stressed.

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