Limitation of Iran's Nuclear Policy Cost the U.S. a Lot

At a meeting held in Geneva, Head of the "Big six" signed an agreement which insists on limited use of nuclear weapons of

Iran. Agreement affirmed Iran’s promise to cut production of the volumes of uranium and devices for uranium enrichment,

and to stop the process of creating a nuclear reactor. In addition, the Iranian Republic has agreed the introduction of

international inspections, which will oversee nuclear safety into their territory. Iran intends to get economic

"feedback", in particular the weakening of the U.S. and the EU sanctions related to the export of Iranian cars, ore, gold

and oil. Only this will enrich Iran's economy with $ 1.5 billion. The state also cares about its people: 4oo million

riyals (Iranian monetary unit) should sponsor their students’ tuition in third countries.

Catherine Ashton, EU High Representative of Foreign Policy, outlined the bilateral agreement between the Heads of states

in Geneva Conference as a "first step" towards their united cooperation. May us recall that the issue of Iranian nuclear

issue hadn’t got any result since June, 18 of the current year. Negotiations between the countries were held in Moscow.

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