Gennady Kernes: the majority of Kharkov residents advocate Ukrainian statehood

Kharkov city head Gennady Kernes stated in his interview to the newspaper Kommersant Ukraine that the majority of Kharkov residents advocate Ukrainian statehood.

"Here people consider themselves to be citizens of Ukraine. In the east of Ukraine people call Russia fraternal country. Historically we are linked with ties of blood and trade relations, and more over, Kharkov is a border city. But I am sure that the vast majority of people here will support Ukrainian statehood. The situation in the Crimea is quite different: they are an autonomous republic, they have their own Constitution. And as for us, we live and work in accordance with laws of Ukraine. Therefore, if we are law-abiding citizens and will not yield to emotions, we will not allow our rallies to grow into seizure of power in favor of Russia," the city head noted.

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