The deputy of State Duma: "I ask to consider the possibility of participation of Tavriya and Sevastopol in the Russian Premier Football League"

The member of parliament from the group LDPR addressed the head of the Russian Football Union (RFS) with the requested that Crimean football teams should be provided the possibility to play in the Russian Premier League.

The deputy of State Duma Roman Khudyakov sent an application addressed to the President of the RFS Nikolay Tolstykh with the request to consider the possibility of joining the Crimean teams to the Russian championship. In his opinion, the situation in Ukraine makes it impossible to create a joint championship. "I ask you to consider participation of two Ukrainian football teams of the Ukrainian league: Tavriya (Simferopol) and football club Sevastopol in the Russian championship in football. We should not allow destroying the friendly sports union between our countries because of the current situation," the application of the deputy says.

The first vice-president of RFS Nikita Simonyan has a negative attitude towards this idea. He informed that such decisions are made on the level of international associations FIFA and UEFA. "The option of participation of Tavriya in the Russian Football Premier League is not even considered," the director general of the Simferopol club Alexandr Boytsan commented on the situation.

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