Ukrainian biathlonists went to Pokljuka

Three Olympic champions were declared for the stage of the World Cup among other athletes.

The composition of the national team of Ukraine is close to the main composition of the team. Only Elena Pidgrushnaya will not go to Pokljuka. She got sick and will miss the final part of the season. The 25-year-old Olga Abramova substituted her in the team.

The national team of Ukraine consists of the following males: Andrey Derizemlya, Dmitriy Podruchniy, Artem Prima, Sergey Sednev, Sergey Semenov, and females: Valentina Semerenko, Vita Semerenko, Yulia Jyma, Olga Abramova, Maria Panfilova.

On Thursday Slovenian stage will begin with female and male sprints. Pursuit race will be held on Saturday. Two mass-starts will be held on Sunday in Pokljuka.

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