Odessa calls to ignore general mobilization

The leader of the public organization the Youth Unity Anton Davidchenko in Odessa during the press conference in the independent press center of Odessa journalists called on the inhabitants of the region to ignore the announced general mobilization, not to come to military registration and enlistment offices and to tear up the notices.

"First of all, we need to understand that there is no power in the country. One party, for example, Russia and China, recognize Viktor Yanukovych the head of our state, and the West and the United States recognize Turchinov a head of the state. Therefore, I do not understand how Turchinov, whose legitimacy is a great doubt, may issue decrees, appoint governors, etc.," Anton Davidchenko said.

He also called on residents of the city not to participate in the general mobilization, "not to go to war, and not yield to provocation."

"Everything is calm in Odessa, unlike in the rest of the country, everybody goes to work, children study, and this is the service of Odessa residents," the voluntary group activist said.

The Council for National Security and Defense of Ukraine (SNBO) ordered to begin mobilization throughout the country, which was declared on March 2 by Andrey Parubiy, who occupies the post of the secretary of SNBO.

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