In two weeks more than 140 thousand Ukrainians asked RF for refuge

Head of Federal Migration Service Konstantin Romodanovsky reported about the increase in the number of entries in Russia seeking asylum because of the events in Ukraine. More than half of the migrants, Romodanovsky said, are women, elderly, and children. People asked to provide them with temporary shelter or Russian citizenship, declaring that they were harassed and threatened with reprisals.


In this regard, a big load Russian regions at the border with Ukraine (Rostov, Belgorod, Bryansk and etc) have.


In addition, Vyacheslav Svetlichny, General Consul of the Russian Federation in Simferopol said that the number of Russian passports to the employees of «Berkut» is growing in arithmetic progression every day. Now, he says, several dozens of Russian passports have been already issued.


Meanwhile, not only soldiers of «Berkut» want to get a Russian passport, but also ordinary citizens from different regions of Ukraine.


«This is the only choice we have: one says we have betrayed the state, and now we are threatened by criminal prosecution, lustration», Victor Denisenko, mayor of the Crimean division «Berkut», said.

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