Number of victims after yesterday's Kharkov clashes grows to 138 people. The city is calm now (PHOTO)

Some 138 people were injured in clashes near the Kharkiv Regional State Administration on 1 March, reports the Department of Health of Kharkov City Council.

Four people are in Kharkov city emergency hospital, says Svetlana Gorbunova-Ruban, deputy Mayor of Kharkov on Health and Social Welfare services. According to her, they are in the neurosurgical department of the hospital, their condition is not serious. The remaining victims were discharged from the hospital; the man who fell from the window of the regional administration, also discharged.

As noted by Svetlana Gorbunova-Ruban, yesterday the emergency hospital treated 82 victims, another two applied today. All of them had injuries, some - incised wounds. The victims included a girl and six minors (14-16 years). According to the deputy mayor, they are all citizens of Ukraine; 10 are from outside Kharkov, including five who refused to identify themselves.

According to the Department of Health of the Kharkov Regional State Administration, the regional clinical hospital received 23 people, traumatology hospital - 11 more. All the victims were examined, received necessary assistance, and have already been sent home.

Information about possible attacks on indefinite picket set up by defenders of the Lenin statue was false. EuroMaidan supporters marched from the Shevchenko monument via Sumy street to the cemetery without incidents. Near the Lenin monument, about 300 people with St. George ribbons remain on duty; they are joined by bikers.


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