Ukrainian parliament appeals to states -guarantors of country's territorial integrity (DOCS)

Today, closed plenary session of Ukrainian parliament decided to apply to the states-signatories of the Budapest Memorandum requesting to ensure the territorial integrity of the country.

According to media reports, the parliament also asks these countries and international organizations to send their missions for negotiations to Ukraine, to hold their field meetings in Ukraine, and to form a group for negotiations with Russia.

The parliament requested the countries of the Budapest Memorandum to assist in the protection of nuclear facilities and asked to recognize Russia's actions as flagrant violation of all international norms.

Verkhovna Rada demanded that Russian Black Sea Fleet in Crimea sticks to the basic agreements on its presence and returns the troops to their bases. The parliament also stressed the possibility of a local referendum in the Crimea.

The parliament stressed the need for resolution of the conflict by peaceful means via participation of international experts, the OSCE, the UN, the Council of Europe, EU, CIS and the Budapest Memorandum states.


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