Speaker of Crimean parliament doubts information on dead Russians in the Crimea

There is no information about Russia citizens killed in Crimea, stated Vladimir Konstantinov, Chairman of the Supreme Council of Crimea at the briefing in Simferopol.

“I have no such information, I think there is no such fatalities. We know only the names of the Crimeans (two people who died on February 26, from injuries as a result of fighting between Crimean Tatars and Slavs under the Supreme Council of the Crimea - Nahnews); yesterday, at the extraordinary session, we observed a minute of silence in their honor. On Monday, the authorized group of the Presidium of the Supreme Council of Crimea will meet with victims' families and determine the help to be provided to relatives,” said the speaker of the Crimean parliament.

He is confident that on the night of February 28 to March 1 there was an armed attack on the General Directorate of Crimea Interior Ministry, which is subordinated to the government of the republic. As known, yesterday Russia’s Foreign Ministry reported that unknown people attempted to capture "the Crimea Interior Ministry”; there are victims as a result of “treacherous provocation”.

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