Govt appoints new governors (updated)

Alexander Turchynov changed the heads of Ukrainian regions. Kharkov got new governor, too. Instead of Mikhail Dobkin the region will be governed by Igor Balut. Dnipropetrovsk Regional Administration will be headed by Ukrainian tycoon Igor Kolomoisky. Donetsk region governor is now Sergei Taruta, co-owner of Ukraine’s largest ISD corporation, the president of the Metallurg FC. Sidor Kizin is the head of Zhytomyr Regional State Administration. Volodymyr Shandra, the former chairman of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, now is the head of Kiev Regional State Administration. Instead of Basil Chudnov, Ivano-Frankivsk region will be governed by Andrew Trocenko. Volyn Regional State Administration went to Gregory Pustovit. Pustovit is the chairman of Volyn regional branch of “Batkivschyna” party. Valery Lunchenko, 31-year-old People’s Deputy from “Batkivschyna” party, is the new head of the Transcarpathian Regional Administration. Luhansk Regional State Administration is headed by Mikhail Bolotskih. Lviv Regional State Administration is taken from Oleg Salo and given to Irina Seh. The governor of Kirovograd region is Alexander Petik. Nikolaev Regional Administration will be governed by Nicholai Romanchuk. Victor Bogaychuk is appointed for governorship in Poltava Regional State Administration. Sergei Rybachko will lead Rivne region instead of Vasili Bertash. Vladimir Shulga is a new head of Sumy region. And finally, the governor of Vinnytsia region is now Anatoly Oleinik, member of the “Sobor” party. In addition, the Acting Ukrainian President appointed Valery Geletey as a head of the State Guard of Ukraine. Relevant decrees on dismissals and appointments have been published on the website of the Acting President, the Speaker of the parliament, Alexander Turchynov.

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