Crimean Berkut: we swore to the people, not to Ukraine

The first press conference with commanders and fighters of the Crimean sub-unit of Berkut was held in Simferopol. The commander Viktor Denisov in particular told that many fighters of sub-unit want to get Russian passports. According to him, many officers of the special mission units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs from other regions of Ukraine expressed willingness to get Russian passports as well. Viktor Denisov noted that if there is a permission of the command, all the officers of the police, who had to leave their units under fear or pressure of the new Ukrainian authorities may be accepted to the Crimean Berkut and to other sub-units of the peninsula.

Answering the question how such decision correlates with the fact that policemen took an oath, Viktor Denisov responded that they swore to people, but not to Ukraine. At the end of the dialog, law enforcement officers thanked to all residents of the Crimea, for moral and financial support on those days, when they had to carry out their duty in Kiev.

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