Ukraine announced a general mobilization

Ukraine announced a general mobilization

At night of March 2 the representative of Batkivshchyna, the commandant of Euromaidan Andrey Parubiy, who occupies the position of the secretary of the Council for National Security and Defense of Ukraine (SNBO), wrote on his web page in Facebook that SNBO ordered to begin mobilization throughout the country. Parubiy confirmed that citizens liable for call-up were sent notices, calling to arrive to military registration and enlistment offices on Sunday morning, on March 2.

According to RIA Novosti, in the evening on March 1 the SNBO ordered to get troops fully operational and to provide protection of airports, nuclear power plants and other strategic sites. At the same time, the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs stressed that the authorities of the country are solely for the peaceful settlement of the conflict. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs addressed countries of the EU, the USA and NATO with the request to "consider the use of all opportunities" for protection of the territorial integrity of sovereignty of Ukraine, the Ukrainian people and nuclear facilities on the territory of the country under the possible threat of a military invasion of Russia.

Earlier Russian officials stated that the decision to use military force on the territory of Ukraine was not yet made. The Chairman of State Duma Sergeiy Naryshkin stated that Russia is prepared to use military force if Ukraine, in its turn, uses force against peaceful citizens in the Crimea or in the eastern regions of the country.

On March 1 the Council of the Federation authorized the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin to bring troops to the territory of Ukraine to protect Russian citizens and soldiers, who are on the territory of Ukraine. This decision caused criticism by the UN and NATO, as well as by representatives of countries of the EU and the USA.

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